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Hand Tools

Screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, saws, knives, keys, measurers, wrenches, spanners, ratchets, sockets, planners, chisels, scrappers, riveters, staplers

Hand Tools There are 3 products.


  • Cutting Tools

    Knives, cutters, saws, snips, croppers, scrapers, axes, accessories

  • Screwdrivers

    Various hand screwdrivers

    Slotted, cross-head, Philips, pozidriv, hex, star, square, testers, insulated, hex nut drivers, impact drivers, sets

  • Screwdriver Bits

    Slotted, cross-head, Philips, pozidriv, hex, star, square, security screwdriver bits, extensions, adaptors, sets, accessories

  • Sockets - Ratchets

    Sets, sockets, ratchets, T-handles, accessories, torque wrenches, adaptors, extensions, universal joints, spark plugs, step wrenches

  • Spanners and Keys

    Double open end, ring spanners, combination, half-moon, flare-nut, hex keys, torx keys, adjustable wrenches, angle spanners, sets

  • Levels

    Levels, magnetic levels, line levels

  • Squares

    Squares for carpenters and builders

    T-squares, folding squares, T-bevels

  • Garden Tools

    Pruning shears, hedge shears, pole trimmers, pruning saws

  • Garage Tools

    Extractors, ball joint separators, spring compressors, magnetic discs, filter wrenches, telescopic mirrors

  • Various Extractors

    Various extractor types

    For gears, springs, ball joints, screws

  • Plumbing Tools

    Basin wrenches, pipe cutters, groove joint wrenches, adjustable wrenches, step wrenches

  • Marking Tools

    Chalk line reels, markers, marking gauges

  • Staple Guns

    Staple guns for staples and brads,
    cable staplers

  • Tweezers

    Various types of tweezers, self locking tweezers

  • Files - Rasps

    Files and wood rasps

    Flat, round, half-round, square, 3-square, bandsaw, chainsaw

  • Measurers

    Measuring tapes, rulers, measuring wheels, verniers

  • Pliers - Cutters

    Pliers, diagonal cutters, end cutters, tile cutters, pincers, long nose pliers, wire strippers, groove joint pliers

  • Riveters

    Riveters for blind rivets

  • Hand Planes

    Hand planes, rebate planes, spokshaves, edge trimmers

  • Chisels

    Woodworking chisels, semi-hollow chisels, pocket chisels

  • Hammers

    Hammers, club hammers, claw hammers, mallets

  • Various Tools

    Various Hand Tools

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items